Interview with Danielle Freeland

What draws you to writing for children specifically?

I love the world of the child that embraces limitless possibilities. Their willingness to engage with the ridiculous as well as the beautiful inspires me.

How long have you been writing?

I suppose I have always been writing, but only in the last four years moving towards publication.

Which professional writing bodies are you a member of?

SCBWI, 12×12 Picture Book Challenge, Book Links, and Writelinks.

Who is your dream publisher?

In my dreams, my publisher and I work together in a joyous union of harmonious creativity.

What writing resources (online, books or other) do you recommend?

There’s so much online now. I have borrowed a lot of books from the library. I can’t put down one thing as being more inspirational, but critique groups and conferences have probably progressed my writing the most.

Best time of day to write

I could happily write from sunup to sundown, but the best time to write is undoubtedly when there is absolute silence. Most of the time, well, I field questions, solve problems and run back and forth from the computer.

What are your writing goals?

My hope is to make someone’s day better as a result of reading one of my books.I like to layer my books. While I always have a story that drives the book, I hope my readers will look between the lines.